Insurance Technical Training

OESAI provide technical training in General insurance and Life assurance, for  its members and non-members. The organization works closely with training institutes in the region to ascertain the skills development needs  in the region and from our  members . To deliver the training, OESAI invites leading experts from Insurance and Reinsurance companies across Africa and    beyond. Companies that also want their staff to be attached to member companies for hands on training may also liaise with OESAI to facilitate these practical attachments.

Oesai Executive Forum

From 2019 , OESAI will be hosting the OESAI   Executive forum. This is a  2 day  learning, discussion and     networking event for CEOs/ MDs and executives who are members of OESAI. The  forum aims to bring OESAI Member Executives   together to share ideas on   leadership and management best practice and to promote business among OESAI Member Executives.


As  a regional organisation, OESAI aims to be the organisation in lobbying for insurance regulation  and laws within the insurance industry. OESAI’s close ties with regional organisations such as the College of Insurance Kenya, ATI , Zep Re, Africa Re and others puts the organisation at the prime spot to influence governments and regulators in pertinent areas such as capacity building , financial inclusion and regulation in the industry.

Center for data & information

OESAI aims to be the leading Center for  Insurance Information and Data, for Insurers and Investors in the region.

Oesai Annual Conference

OESAI hosts the increasingly popular OESAI  Annual Conference. The OESAI Annual  conference which  is held in  OESAI member countries in Eastern and Southern Africa now attracts over 300 delegates  and is a platform for networking,  and sharing of best practice  amongst insurance and reinsurance  practitioners. The OESAI Annual Conference is hosted in OESAI Members countries by the Insurance Companies in those countries, in close collaboration and partnership with OESAI. The OESAI annual Conference create immense opportunities for the hosting country , through increased tourist revenues and business opportunities for locals who supply goods and services to the conference. The host country also gains publicity  through the local, regional and international marketing that is done for the conference.

OESAI also partners with regional companies who sponsor the OESAI conference. Sponsors get maximum brand exposure through the marketing of the even online and in various media. OESAI Conference sponsors also brand the events that they sponsors and the Conference top sponsors  profiles also appear in the conference magazine. Sponsorship opportunities are available upon request from the OESAI offices.