OESAI Bembership Base

Membership of OESAI is open to all insurance, reinsurance companies, brokers, insurance regulators, insurance associations, training institutes, surveyors, loss adjusters, actuarial firms and any companies offering ancillary services within the industry.

Currently, members of OESAI come from the following countries.

  • Angola,
  • Botswana,
  • Egypt,
  • Kenya,
  • South Africa,
  • Zambia,
  • Malawi,
  • Tanzania,
  • Zanzibar,
  • Uganda,
  • Zimbabwe,
  • Ethiopia,
  • Eritrea,
  • Ghana,
  • Namibia,
  • Seychelles,
  • Mauritius,
  • Swaziland,
  • Mozambique,
  • Ivory Coast,
  • Togo,
  • Sierra Leone,
  • United Kingdom,
  • Canada and
  • Rwanda.

OESAI’s Objectives

  1. To promote the development and expansion of sound insurance and reinsurance activities in the region.
  2. To promote the exchange of insurance and reinsurance business in the region.
  3. To improve technical and institutional capacities through training and skills development and establishment of insurance institutions in the region.
  4. To promote the growth of national and regional underwriting and retention capacities.
  5. To encourage the enactment of legislation in member countries that will promote the free flow of insurance and reinsurance business in the region.
  6. To encourage the formulation of and adherence to a code of ethics for insurers, reinsurers and other insurance practitioners.
  7. To facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and data among members with a view to providing better services to the insuring public.
  8. Formulation of a common strategy towards the development and expansion of insurance in the region.
  9. To undertake research and publications in the area of insurance in the sub-region.

Benefits of OESAI Membership

What we offer our members is value addition to their core services. This we do through:

Advocacy and Advisory

We work with member organisations to lobby for insurance regulation and laws within the insurance industry.

Research and Publications

We are a leading Centre for insurance information and data, including country reports, for insurers and investors in the region.

In partnership with The Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion, we conduct regular topical studies on issues affecting the sector and share findings and recommendations with the industry with an aim to initiate relevant conversations on legal, regulatory and public policy issues that affect insurance.


As members of the AfDB’s African Financial Alliance on Climate Change (AFAC) initiative and a supporting institution of UNEP Finance Initiative – Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI), we are tasked with driving the Environmental Social and Governance agenda in the region by promoting the acceptance, adoption and implementation of the Principles within the industry and promoting integration of ESG in risk assessment and management.

Technical Capacity Building

To address the knowledge gap in the risk and insurance space, we organize country specific and regional training programs, Webinars & Seminar on various topics in partnership with regional and international partners and subject matter experts to address the skills development needs for each market. Members benefit from subsidised registration fees.


OESAI provides platforms for the sector leaders to learn, network and share best practice. This goes a long way to encourage and enhance co-operation in the field of insurance and reinsurance among companies operating in the African Continent and beyond. Members benefit from subsidised rates.

Monthly Newsletters

OESAI members receive a monthly newsletter with invaluable insurance information and industry news. Our large distribution list also gives members an opportunity for brand exposure through advertising.

OESAI Executive Forums - CEOs

From Member companies get to attend OESAI CEO forum and Executive tours organized with an aim to advance effective leadership skills among members CEOs in the region.

Event Discounts

OESAI members also benefit by paying discounted rates for all OESAI events.

Gender Diversity

OESAI is passionate about gender diversity in the sector.

GIRLs (Global Insurance & Reinsurance Leaders) a network committed to the development and mentorship of the next generation of female leaders in the insurance industry as well as profiling and advancing women that already in leadership was formed to allows women in companies that are OESAI members to plug-in and be part of.


The CEOs of OESAI member companies are eligible to sit in the OESAI Board. Board Tenure is 2 years renewable.