The Organisation of Eastern and Southern Africa Insurers is dedicated to adding value to its members and making an impact in the insurance industry in Eastern and Southern Africa by:


Growing the Organisation of Eastern and Southern Africa Insurers membership base so as to create networking opportunities for insurance companies and enhancing cross boarder and professional development initiatives.


Re-positioning the OESAI Reinsurance Pool to be a key provider of alternative reinsurance capacity for Special Risks and other business lines where capacity challenges exist’.


Providing skills development opportunities by mobilizing regional training institutions to deliver relevant and best practice training. A regional seminar circuit is to be coordinated by the OESAI training sub-committee.


Providing capacity building and collaboration opportunities through sub-sector and product-centred sub-committees to include, a Brokers sub-Committee, a Life Offices sub-Committee, and a Reinsurance Offices Sub-Committee.


Creating an Eastern and Southern African Centre of excellence for the insurance industry by providing research sponsorship and development grants. The OESAI scholarship Award scheme aims to create passion for Insurance by students and employees in the insurance sector across the region.


Providing a platform for insurance companies to network with Regulators to share experiences on the enhancement of insurance legislation and effective regulation of insurance markets.
Creating a platform for insurance companies in the region to be represented in SADC, COMESA, EAC, and SACU through OESAI and therefore to become key influencers in regional trade.