The Organization of Eastern and Southern Africa Insurers (OESAI) was formed in 1973 as a result of initiatives of several insurance companies in the Eastern and Southern Africa region. Since its inception, the organization has greatly encouraged and enhanced co-operation in the field of insurance and reinsurance and their related activities among companies operating in the region.

Core Values

In an endeavour to realize our vision and mission, the Members and other Stakeholders of the Organization of Eastern and Southern Africa Insurers (OESAI) will uphold the following core values:


As an insurance organisation, we embrace an organizational structure that strives to assure accuracy, high technical quality, and levels of competency. We use the most appropriate skills, continually seeking opportunities to improve. We share our knowledge of best practices with insurance companies across the region to enhance the quality their services and insurance product offerings.


We build on our strength and success by providing creative and resourceful contemporary solutions for other insurance organisations in the region. The agility of our team ensures its commitment to innovation and advances its development in the provision of risk management and product delivery in this fast changing insurance business by constantly striving to find new and improved ways to add value to all our stake holders.


We revere honesty, adhere to high ethical standards ,a key requirement in the insurance market and provide timely, accurate and complete financial reporting, by carrying out our work in an objective and unbiased manner and by demonstrating respect for the insurance companies that we interact with.


We work in partnership with other insurance organisations on the African continent and internationally and promote collaborative development as we strive to achieve business objectives and support corporate goals to create profitable insurance companies in the region and also support economic growth across the African continent.